Teknical Materials Recycling, Inc.


You provide the challenge,

we provide the technical and business solutions.


Since 2008, TMR, INC. has been a global leader in the managing end of life silicon. We are a multi-faceted company with a highly skilled, professional staff that is laser-focused on the full life cycle of silicon wafers. We process silicon that has reached the end of its semiconductor life and prepare it for its next application: Solar. Ultimately, we help our clients properly manage their silicon wafer waste material in a responsible, forwarding-thinking way that’s a win for both them and the planet.



2033 Gateway Place, Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95110

13590 Floyd Circle, Suite 110
Dallas TX 75243-1416


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Stripping & Crushing
TMR delicate sandblasting technology allows it to strip both partially finished and fully finished semiconductor wafers of their intellectual property content so that they can be re-purposed. When wafers cannot be stripped TMR crushes them and provides certification of their destruction. All stripping and crushing processes are done in a secure, CCT monitored environment and open to audit and ongoing inspections.

distribution networks

TMR ships silicon wafer material by air and sea around the world, with ongoing robust port activity in the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Recycling with material purpose

TMR gets recycling done with a two-fold purpose for its semiconductor clients:

1. Extracting every last bit of value from its silicon wafer material
2. Re-purposing silicon wafer material to support renewable energy



TMR’s supply chain consulting activities include:
• Identifying and introducing world-class solar wafer suppliers
• Resolving wafer inventory issues for fabricators
• Evaluating commercial value of silicon wafer inventories
• Finding a commercial home for wafer dead-stock
• Sourcing unique grades of silicon for non-PV applications